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The following exercises are meant as a help to the teacher. I am aware that the book can be read at different levels and at different levels in each class, so pick out whatever seems relevant for you and your class and your methods of teaching. Enjoy!
Find not more than 10 keywords from chapter 1 in the glossary that may help you remember the plot.
Find the irregular verbs in chapter 1 in the glossary. Conjugate them in the present tense, the past tense and the perfect tense.
Find adjectives in chapter 1 in the glossary and change them into adverbs.
Find nouns in chapter 1 in the glossary and put them in the plural.
Find the explanation of passageway, to spell, how to pronounce [Hermione] in English, pronounce and explain [salmon] from the glossary.
What does privit mean? Say it out loud!
Explain why “She is used to flying” is correct!
Act out a “winded rhinocerous” and “a foul simpering smile”.
Questions to the text:
What is the date when the story starts in chapter 1?
Why does Harry feel miserable?
Characterize the Dursleys (looks, interests, habits, age, etc.) in this scene where the expect important guests.
Do you like to plan things or do you prefer to act more on the spur of the moment/impulsively?
Describe the associations to the fairy tale about Cinderella we get in this chapter. What does cinder actually mean in English?
What is a cliffhanger ending?
After task:
How do you celebrate your birthday?
Translation /Summary:
I det første kapitel hører vi hvad der skete i den første Harry Potter bog: Harry har nu været på Hogwarts i et år. Det er en skole for troldmænd og hekse. I sommerferien savner Harry sine venner selv om de ikke har skrevet til ham. I dag er det hans fødselsdag, men ingen i familien synes at huske det. Familien Dursley venter betydningsfulde gæster denne aften og har øvet sig på at underholde dem.
Try to tell the story in your own words by using the underlined words in the translation
Correct Dobby’s English.
Remind us of why they are not allowed to say Voldemort’s name.
Why are there hyphens between the words: what – the – devil – are – you – doing?
Find as many negative words in chapter 2 in the glossary as possible. Make up some sentences with these words.
Find as many positive words as possible in chapter 2 in the glossary. Make up sentences with these words.
What is a banshee? How do you think it sounds?
Change “turn your beak up at that…” into what a person might say.
Questions to the text:
Describe Dobby. Can you compare him to something in the Muggle world?
Why does Dobby come to visit Harry?
Give examples of how clumsy Dobby is.
What does the letter from the Ministry of Magic say (in your own words)?
Translation / Summary (using the words in the glossary):
Dobby kommer for at advare Harry om at han under ingen omstændigheder må tage tilbage til Hogwarts. I samtalens løb kommer Dobby til at tale så højt at hr. Dursley kommer op og skælder ud på Harry. Da Harry ikke vil lytte til Dobbys advarsel, flygter Dobby ned i køkkenet og bruger magi på fru Dursleys dessert – med det resultat at Harry får stuearrest, hr Dursley mister sin kunde og store ordre – og Harry får et brev fra Kontoret for Upassende Brug af Magi. Familien Dursley indser nu, at de kan behandle Harry som det passer dem uden at han kan bruge magi – indtil nu hans eneste udvej for at holde hverdagen ud.
Pronounce the word turquoise
Explain “rev”.
Find the things that describe the Malfoys
Explain “take a leaf out of Percy’s book”.
“Woe betide you” – change it into a more modern way of saying this
Questions to the text:
Describe Mrs. Weasley.
Compare her garden to that of the Dursleys’. Which do you prefer?
How does Mrs. Dursley explain the Muggle problem of missing keys?
Describe Ron’s room – compare it to your own room or a room you would like to have.
Find scenes in this chapter that are so totally out of proportion.
After task:
Write a letter to Ron from the summer holidays with the Dursley’s. Use as many words from the glossary as possible. Choose one of the scenes and act it out.
You are an estate agent. Make a sales advertisement for the Burrows.
Translation /Summary:
Da Harry er mest ked af det, kommer hjælpen selvfølgelig fra hans bedste ven Ron, som ikke kan forstå hvorfor Harry ikke har svaret på hans breve. De flygter i hr Weasleys gamle Ford Anglia og ankommer til familien Weasleys hus. Fru Weasley skælder selvfølgelig sine børn ud, men er glad for at se Harry. Det bliver alligevel en dejlig sommerferie for Harry.

Explain: “Floo Powder.”
Translate: “in an undertone”
Find the words that describe Knockturn Alley.
What does Florish and Blotts mean in ordinary English?
Questions to the text:
What is the most extraordinary thing in the Weasleys’ house?
Characterise Gildehart Lockhart.
Imagine taking the trip with Floo Powder – would you dare?
Describe the shop in which Harry ends.
Characterise Mr. Borgin.
Characterise Mr. Malfoy.
Compare what Harry goes through to a nightmare.
Give examples of how similar the Muggle world and the wizarding world are.
Interview hr Borgin. Find keywords to the interview in the glossary.
Act out the scene between Mr. Borgin and Mr. Malfoy
Translation / Summary:
Harry skal prøve at rejse med Floo Pulver for første gang og ender i Knockturn Alley. Han ser Draco Malfou og hans far i hr Borgins uhyggelige butik. Heldigvis redder Hagrid ham og fører ham til Flourish & Blotts, hvor de møder hans nye lærer i Forsvar mod Sort Magi, Gildehart Lockhart.
Make 3 sentences with the words: ” look forward to” and “avoid”
Find words in the glossary that are the same as a noun and as a verb, for example “file”
Questions to the text:
Describe the last evening at the Weasleys before going back to school.
Why do you think it had been the happiest month in Harry’s life?
What kind of car is a Ford Anglia?
Ron and Harry take a chance – describe it – and explain why we don’t feel they are doing something wrong.
“All we’ve got to worry about now are aeroplanes” Why is that funny?
Harry, Ron and Hermione are all in Gryffindor. Have you taken the test in Pottermore.com and found your house? If not, do it now.
After task:
Describe their arrival at Hogwarts seen through the eyes of either Snape, McGonagall or Dumbledore.
Translation / Summary:
Harry og Ron kan ikke komme ind på Perron 9 ¾, så de vælger at flyve in Rons fars gamle Ford Anglia. Da de når Hogwarts bliver de mødt af Professor Snape og får en eftersidning af Professor McGonagall – men undgår at blive bortvist. Ginny skal begynde på Hogwarts og bliver også optaget (to admit) i Gryffindor.
Pronounce the words with a phonetic transcription or words marked for stress [‘] in the glossary.
What does it mean to be accident-prone? If you know such a person, try to give an example?
What is a Howler? Can you explain how the word has been made?
Questions to the text:
What does Gilderoy Lockhart’s behavior tell us about him? Give examples.
Why does J.K.Rowling exaggerate so in describing some of her characters?
What is a Mandrake?
What does it look like?
What can it do – and what are its drawbacks?
After task:
What elements do we find in fairy tales?
Act out a scene between Lockhart and Harry.
Translation / Summary:
Da Ron spiser morgenmad får han en Howler fra sin mor. Dagens første time er en dobbelttime i Urtelære, hvor de skal sætte Mandrakes i større potter.Harry får ”flere gode råd” af Gilderoy Lockhart, som er meget selvoptaget (self-absorbed). I hans timer går alt galt og vi indser at han må have løjet om alle sine bedrifter i sine bøger.
What does it mean to be “Pure-blood” or “Mudblood”?
Gudgeon is a surname. How does it describe its owner?
Describe the little flower ‘veronica’
Questions to the text:
How does J.K.Rowling recapitulate something that happened in the first book – e.g. Quidditch? Do you remember other instances of this?
Describe their first Quidditch training.
Describe, explain and comment on Snape’s unjust behavior.
Why does the word “Mudblood” cause such a stir?
Comment on the proverbs that Lockhart uses at the end of the chapter. How does it characterize him?
How does detention pass?
After task:
Describe the different balls in Quidditch
Give an example of a training day in a game you play – nice or otherwise.
Translation / Summary:
Tidlig lørdag morgen beslutter Wood at Gryffindor skal træne Quidditch. De bliver forstyrret af Slytherins hold, som netop har fået de nyeste kosteskafter foræret – og en tilladelse af Snape til at spille på banen samtidig med Gryffindor. Da Hermione i det efterfølgende skænderi bliver kaldt Mudblood, prøver Ron at forsvare hende, men da hans tryllestav er knækket rammer besværgelsen (spell) ham selv. Om aftenen skal Ron og Harry sidde efter og mens Harry hjælper Gilderoy Lockhart med hans fanbreve, hører han pludselig en stemme sige ”… let me rip you…”
What is the opposite of a deathday party?
When is Hallowe’en?
What does a caretaker do?
Comment on the name of Argus Filch.
Questions to the text:
Everybody seems rather unhappy this October morning – what is bothering Harry, Nearly Headless Nick and Filch, the caretaker.
What does Harry accidentally discover in Filch’s office?
Describe the office.
Describe Nearly Headless Nick’s deathday party – the room, the colours, the temperature, the guests, the music, etc.
After task:
Describe the best birthday party you have been to (your own or somebody else’s – or what you think may be the ideal birthday party.
Do you celebrate Hallowe’en? Describe…
Translation / Summary:
Harrys dag begynder med en våd og kold træning og slutter med en invitation til Nearly Headless Nick’s dødsdags selskab. Han opdager at Filch er en Squib, og endnu en gang hører han som den eneste en uhyggelig stemme og ser en skræmmende skrift på væggen. Hvad betyder ”Fjender af arvingen”?
What is the story behind the writing of the wall from the Bible?
Pronounce the words “crooked”, “recipe”, [Ꞌpresent] and [preꞋsent] and explain their meanings in English.
Try to look as if you “squint”.
Explain what a Squib is.
Who was Salazar in the real world?
Questions to the text:
How do the teachers and Mr Filch behave when finding out about Mrs. Norris?
Why does Harry avoid punishment?
Describe Professor Binns.
What does Hermione do to compensate for not being able to read about the Chamber of Secrets in a book?
In your own words try to tell professor Binn’s explanation of the Chamber of Secrets
What did Salazar Slytherin think about the teaching of magic?
What is Seamus Finnigan’s logical explanation about opening the Chamber?
What in your opinion makes a good teacher?
Translation / Summary:
Harry undgår at blive straffet for at have brugt magi mod Mrs. Norris. Hermione prøver at finde ud af, hvad Hemmelighedens Kammer er ved at spørge Professor Binns – deres historielærer. De tre venner prøvferat opklare sagen på egen hånd og ender i Moaning Myrtle’s badeværelse.
Explain the different magic charms (their names and what they can do) that we hear about in this chapter.
Explain the words “of course” and “off course” – and pronounce them.
Questions to the text:
Why do you think Professor Lockhart uses Harry in his lessons? Comment.
How come Hermione does not see Professor Lockhart the way Ron and Harry do?
Why does Hermione not want to give away the permission for the book in the Restricted Section?
What do they want the Polyjuice Potion for?
According to Wood, what is the difference between Slytherin and Gryffindor’s Quidditch teams?
Describe the mad Bludger.
What does Professor Lockhart do at the end of the match?
What was Dobby’s part in all this?
What has happened to Colin?
Describe Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall at the end of the chapter
Be a sports journalist and comment on the match – written or oral.
Translation / Summary:
Hermione er stadig betaget af Gilderoy Lockhart mens Harry og Ron er trætte af hans undervisningsmetoder. Ved list får de hans skriftlige tilladelse til at låne en bog i the Restricted Section. Dobby har forhekset en Bludger i kampen mellem Gryffindor og Slytherin. På trods af at Slytherin alle har fået de bedste kosteskafter vinder Gryffindor, da Harry fanger the Snitch – mod alle odds. Harry er skadet og Gilderoy Lockhart forsøger at helbrede hans skade. Colin bliver bragt ind på harrys stue – forstenet. Og Hemmelighedernes Kammer er blevet åbnet.
Explain the different charms.
Questions to the text:
Why have Ron and Hermione started to make a Polyjuice Potion?
Where do they do it?
How will they get the final ingredients?
How does Harry distract Professor Snape during their Potion lesson?
What do Puffer-fish eyes do in a potion?
What is a normal duelling club? – and how does one duel on Hogwarts?
Who will be the teachers? – and how does the lesson go?
Describe the fights between Malfoy and Harry.
What do we learn about Harry at the end of the chapter – and what does it tell us about his family?
How do people look upon Harry from now on?
What happens at the end of the chapter – with Harry at the wrong place at the wrong time?
After- task:
Describe your best friend – what makes him or her so special?
Translation / Summary:
De tre venner skal lave en Polyjuice Potion men mangler et par ingredienser. De beslutter at stjæle dem fra Snapes kontor og planlægger derfor at Harry skal distrahere Snapes undervisning. Det lykkes. Sener opretter Gilderoy Lockhart og Snape enfægteklub og Snape får Harry og Malfoy til at duellere. I kampens hede begynder Harry at tale Parselmouth. Alle tror nu at Harry er the Heir of Slytherin, og de er bange for ham. På vej til en timesnubller Harry over Justin Finch- Fletchley, som ligger livløs på jorden. Justin er født Muggle.
Find out the story about the phoenix: what it symbolizes, its colour, etc.
Questions to the text:
Describe Dumbledore’s office.
Why does Harry feel unhappy when the bird starts burning?
When refusing to tell Dumbledore what he knows, does Harry do the right thing, according to you?
What kind of girl is Hermione? Would she have been a boy in a book 50 years ago? Why do you think J.K.Rowling has chosen a girl for this character?
Describe her plan for using the Polyjuice Potion. Do you agree with Ron?
What information can Malfoy give Harry and Ron aka Crabbe and Goyle?
Why did Hermione not leave her cubicle in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom?
Boys and girls can do exactly the same things. Discuss.
Hermione har lavet en plan for at finde ud af hvem the Heir of Slytherin er. De tre venner tilbringer julen på Hogwarts og bruger tiden på at drikke Polyjuice Potion for at de kan blive til Crabbe og Goyle og Millicent Bulstrove og på den måde finde ud af hvad Malfoy ved om Hemmelighedens Kammer.Det eneste der går galt er Hermiones egen trylledrik, der indeholder kattehår i stedet for et af Millicents hår.
How important are marks in school. Discuss.
Questions to the text:
What happened 50 years ago at Hogwarts?
T.M.Riddle – Prefect – Head Boy: why does Ron not like him?
When and what is Valentine’s Day?
Why does the staff look stony-faced at Lockhart’s Valentine’s party in the Great Hall?
What does the Hall look like?
Describe the scene where Harry gets a Valentine’s card. Who sent it?
What happened to T.M.Riddle’s diary?
What does Harry find out when “talking” to the diary?
Characterize Tom Riddle. What does he show Harry through the diary?
Find 20 good words from chapter 13 in the glossary and make up your own story with these words
Translation / Summary:
Hermione studerer flittigt fra sin sygeseng. Den 14. februar har Gilderoy Lockhart planlagt en event – en Valentine fest. Ingen af de andre lærere synes det er en god idé. Da Harry får et Valentines kort opdager han, at Tom Riddles dagbog er forhekset – og vi får et glimt af hvad der skete på Hogwarts for 50 år siden.

Find the normal ending of “When in doubt,…………..” (it has to do with punctuation)
Compare Pronunciation and meaning of the words “Ꞌrecord” and “reꞋcord”
Questions to the text:
How does Harry characterize Hagrid as a boy?
Describe how the Mandrakes grow and develop. Do you remember what the Mandrakes are going to be used for? (see chapter six).
Explain why everybody worries about the fact that Tom Riddle’s diary has been stolen from the Gryffindor dormitory.
Why is the Quidditch game cancelled?
Compare and discuss Harry and Tom Riddle’s childhood.
Why do Harry and Ron visit Hagrid?
Who have got the same idea?
What does Hagrid say when leaving that can help solve everything?
Have you thought of the best way to decide what subjects to choose in school? Try to explain,
Roleplay: Act out the final scene in this chapter
Translation / Summary:
I dette kapitel bliver Tom Riddles dagbog stjålet, Hermione og en pige fra Ravenclaw bliver angrebet, Dumbledore bliver afskediget som rektor på Hogwarts og Hgrid bliver sendt til Azkaban. Vi får 2 små ledetråde til løsningen på mysteriet: et lille rundt spejl, som lå ved siden af de to piger, og Hagrids sidste ord om at man skal følge edderkopperne.
What does it mean to walk “crocodile fashion”?
Pronounce “aged” in “an aged man” and “a man aged 40”. Try to explain when we use the first pronunciation.
Questions to the text:
Dumbledore promises to help people in need at Hogwarts, even though he is not there anymore. How is that possible?
Hermione – and people like her – are in danger of being attacked at Hogwarts. Why?
Which of the leads do Harry and Ron find during their Herbology class?
How do you feel about spiders? Have you met some big and/or dangerous ones?
Describe Harry and Ron’s way into the forest.
Why does this resemble a nightmare?
Characterize Aragog?
How are Harry and Ron saved? – Do you feel that it is ok for J.K.Rowling to use magic whenever something has to be solved?
What do we find out about Moaning Myrtle? – How may that help Harry and Ron?
Draw pictures of Aragog and his family.
Translation / Summary:
Kapitel 15 er næsten som et mareridt, hvor man møder alt det man er mest bange for: kæmpe edderkopper, der taler og laver lyde og bare står og venter på at spise dig! De to venner bliver reddet ved hjælp af magi da den gamle Ford Anglia pludselig kommer drønende og bortfører dem. Stor lettelse.
Work in pairs. Choose a word from the list in chapter 16. Describe the word without mentioning it Your work mate will then guess the English word. Repeat until – say – 20 minutes.
Questions to the text:
Professor McGonagall has great news. What do the students expect – and what is it, actually?
How does J.K.Rowling create suspense in this chapter?
What does it say on the paper in Hermione’s hands?
Why has the Basilisk not killed so far?
Why can’t Harry be the only one who understands Parselmouth at Hogwarts?
Explain why the students have to go to their rooms.
Why is Gilderoy Lockhart just their man at this moment?
How does he react to that?
How would you react if somebody took credit for what you did? Why did Gilderoy Lockhart do so?
How is Gilderoy Lockhart convinced that he must help find the Chamber of Secrets?
What is the monster? How do they get to it?
Why must they close their eyes if they hear something?
Why do you think J.K.Rowling has chosen a snake as the monster?
Why must Harry go on alone?
Where does he end up?
In your own words explain what has happened to Ginny.
Translation / Summary:
I begyndelsen er alt tilsyneladende under kontrol- og der skal afholdes eksamen om en uge. Pludselig bliver alle sendt til deres værelser – Ginny er det næste offer.
Ron og Harry ”overtaler” professor Lockhart til at hjælpe med at finde Ginny – og vi ser tydeligt hvilken kujon Gilderoy Lockhart er.
I slutningen af kapitlet åbner Harry døren til Hemmelighedernes kammer med Parseltongue.
What is the definition of a psychopath? Does it fit on Tom Riddle? Give reasons.
Questions to the text:
Describe the Chamber of Secrets.
Who is in there?
What has Ginny’s role been in opening the Chamber of Secrets?
What is an anagram?
When Harry says “He’s not as gone as you might think”, what happens next?
Describe the use of magic in this scene.
“Twice I failed to kill you” – when was the first time?
Act out the scene from the three characters enter the cave until the end
Translation / Summary:
Som I Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone skal Harry nu overvinde Voldemort. Det gør han ved hjælp af Fawkes og the Sorting Hat. Trods store ligheder mellem Tom Riddle/Voldemort og Harry, har Harry kærligheden på sin side. Retfærdigheden sker fyldest og Tom Riddle forsvinder da dagbogen gennembores af sværdet – men ikke mere end at vi ved, at han kommer tilbage…..

What would a parent today say instead of “Haven’t I taught you anything? What have I always told you? Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain”.
Questions to the text:
Who are in Dumbledore’s office when Harry, Ron, Ginny and professor Lockhart get there?
What is their reaction? – and why is Ginny not so happy?
Why does Dumbledore not expel Ginny?
Why does he not expel Harry and Ron? – and what do they get instead?
Why did Fawkes help Harry – and why did the sword appear in the Sorting Hat
“It’s our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” Discuss.


A quiz:

https://harrypotter.bloomsbury.com/uk/fun-stuff/who-is-your-hogwarts-best-friend (good)
https://www.quizrocket.com/harry-potter-quiz (IQ-TEST/OrdinaryWizarding Levels) (???) – does not really work, or was it just my computer?
https://www.buzzfeed.com/eleanorbate/accurate-af-sorting-quiz?utm_term=.er5ZdjxmY4#.yf1KmkB6zA (which Hogwarts house do you belong in) – (not the real sorting like on www.pottermore.com )
Playing Quidditch: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quidditch_(sport)
Fans saying thank you: https://harrypotter.bloomsbury.com/uk/20-best-harry-potter-moments/
Join the club: https://www.pottermore.com/
Bullying: https://www.pottermore.com/features/how-harry-potter-and-the-philosophers-stone-tackled-bullying

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