The month with the many one-day holidays! And exams!

We have tried a new concept: making the bridge – and closing the bookstore in the weeks with St. Bededag (Great Prayer Day) the last of its kind, and Kristi Himmelfartsdag. The compensation being that we send your orders free of charge all over Denmark – all you have to do is write “hent i København*, and we interpret this by sending the books for free. Nice for you, and cheaper than 2 x traintickets and hotel accomodation for us. Feel free to comment on this solution. 

Furthermore we have now graded our books by how much they weigh – so that soon you’ll pay according to weight and not the unique price of 60 DKK. Pretty high price for a glossary at 40 DKK. Only thing  – as far as I can see – is that it will take a little longer for PostNord to deliver. You are also welcome to comment on that solution. The bottom line is that we try to make things as good as possible for our customers – and only if one tries things will get better.

We hope that you have time to enjoy this fabulous month of May (today is Tuesday 16 – and cold, but still….) and hope to see or hear from you soon.

March and April

Well, we had a Friday event/reception with Fanny Slotorub to celebrate her new editions of Grammatik i brug – now in 2 seperate books: a basic and an extended edition for DSA 2 and DSA3, respectively. A fine turn out of teachers of Danish as a foreign language – with a lot to talk about 😉

End of March and beginning af April has more or less been concentrated about Easter holidays – but now we are back in town ready to find material for you – be it tasks with answers in the back of the book, books with pronunciation or just a good read with a glossary! Don’t hesitate to come and ask for help.


After a rather quiet January we experience increased activity in February in spite of winter holiday, fastelavn and what have you – exams or the beginning of a new study of Danish has started and you now know what you need. We have got more contacts to schools who order for their classes, knowing that we have a good selection of all the newest books from all the publishing companies. We also provide books that are not in our stock as fast as possible. We want to have more small events for teachers of Danish as a foreign language so they can introduce the newest materials for you so stay tuned…… Remember: do not hesitate to contact us if you need help – we shall do our best!


January 2023

Happy New Year! We hope you have come into 2023 in a good way and that the rest of the year will be good to you!

We had a small vacation after Christmas and started up on January 11 – but were busy on the website with orders to all over Denmark from the very first day in January. Our experience with a physical book as opposed to E-books is that if you want to remember, be able to underline important passages or find important passages, a physical book is number one. At least our figures show that people want a proper book when it comes to learning.

New books have found their way to our bookstore: Brug dit sprog by Julie Henriques for Danskuddannelse 3 Modul 4 – and we plan a reception for the book in the near future. Another book in the store – but one we found by accident is Talemåder i dansk – a rød ordbog from Gyldendal – good if you want to spice up your Danish!

We are full of confidence for the new year and hope to see you or hear from you – we help you find whatever you are looking for.



The cold weather – and also the darkness – has come once again. We gather at home in the hopefully warm sitting room with good company, a good book, some music whatever one feels like, and for me it is a pleasure to witness the changing of the seasons. I do not especially like cold and dark weather, but I definitely prefer a climate that changes with the seasons. So these couple of months we have a special focus on the Moravian stars and the special Sonderedition 2022 that has become a hit for collectors. We always have them lit in our shopwindows – so come by and see for yourself!

Another thing that is part of the Danish Hygge is small excuses for seeing people. We have a reception for Mette Hess and her book Hello Danish (for A1 and A2 levels) and she will tell us how get the most out of it. Of course we serve a drink and some cake – to enhance the Hygge. If you would like to attend it is on Friday December 9 from 2 – 4 p.m.

Thomas and I wish you all a Happy Holiday and all the best for 2023.


We started out with the big Bogmesse in Bella Centret and especially enjoyed meeting a lot of teachers who teach Danish as a foreign language. If you know how much they think about what to use to help you learn a good and solid Danish you would be surprised. As a teacher one is in constant search for ideas that may inspire…….

Now the dark winter season is approaching and a good excuse for a good book indoors – and we experience a revival of Harry Potter who has been lying low for a couple of years. Remember our glossaries for people who want to read a book in English for the first time – recommended age to start would be 13, but as long as you like Harry Potter there is no age limit at the other end.

Our glossaries for the classics in English, German or French could make you want to spend the winter improving your language skills and reading good literature?

We have no BLACK FRIDAY offers but insist on trying to help each of our customers to find the right material, which takes the time it takes.


Kulturnatten was fantastic – people crowded in our little shop, and some had to go in vain. Thanks to Lise Bostrup from Forlaget Bostrup we could entertain with Danish expressions that make your language more alive with help from her 3 books: Med ja-hatten på, Med professor hatten på and Hver fugl synger med sit næb. Thank you all for a wonderful evening!

We are now prepared for Bogmessen in Bella Centret in November – so if you need inspiration for your pronunciation or materials that may help your grammatical understanding we shall be there to guide you in Hall C3 – 17 November 4 – 6.

For December we plan to extend our opening hours in Sankt Peders Stræde 51 to Saturdays as well – we shall notify this on the frontpage of our website as well as the number of hours.

September 2022

We decided to be open all through August, trying to relax and enjoy Copenhagen (as we normally spend our sparetime in Haderslev). It was a good decision as we had a lot to do – both in the shop but also on the internet. We can feel that people know who we are and come because they know we are there. I know I mentioned that in the August blog, but it is quite striking. An example of this is the fact that on August 14 we were given the Ællinge prize at a small but vey nice ceremony by Den Danske Sprogkreds. It is a prize inspired by Hans Christian Andersen so there is a Svane prize to a well known person and an Ællinge prize to an upcoming person (or in our case our bookstore). The Svane prize was given to actress Anne Marie Helger who has added many thoughtprovoking words to the Danish language – an example is that she has retired and want to spend her time on a Ph.d. In her translation it means pensionist hele dagen 🙂

We were characterized as “two brave and competent people,  who after having retired as grammar school teachers opened a tiny bookshop in the middle of Copenhagen focusing on the Danish language. Den Danske Sprogkreds wished us good luck with creating our little grey duckling into a beautiful and fledged swan. It was a wonderful evening for us – we are both very grateful.

Schools and students as well as companies are now back to business and we are so ready. On the first of October we shall participate in a get-together in our town hall for Germans who want to settle down in Haderslev, on October 14 the bookstore is open almost all night as we take part in Kulturnatten together with Den Danske Sprogkreds and Lise Bostrup, and on November 4 – 6 we are at the big Bogmessen (Hall C3-017).

August 2022

After a busy July in the shop we are ready for the new school year. We experience that students and schools now know we exist which means that people come because they have heard about our book store. We try to have all relevant books in stock so you can browse and find just what you need….. A new initiative for students is to createtheir own book club and gain 10 %. We shall see if it will be of interest. Statistics show that the more you read the better your vocabulary gets – now that must be a logical conclusion, however, it is up to the individual student to do the job on their own because language schools have had to cut down that extra offer. We look forward to helping you find the right materials in Sankt Peders Stræde 51 in Copenhagen and at Torvet 5 in Haderslev.

July 2022

The summer holidays are approaching – however we intend to stay open as usual. So do not worry if you need something we send and help the best we can in our shop in Copenhagen.

We are already planning events for autumn, so you may look forward to KUTURNATTEN on October 14, which is a Friday. We plan to have some events together with Den danske sprogkreds, but for me I would like to have a session with Small Talk Big Questions in Danish. I love those questions – you get to know more about people – even the ones you think ypou know 😉 Only problem will be which one to choose: ART, WORK, RØDE KORS……

Next event will be BOGFORUM  4 – 6 November in Bella Centret where you can find us at C3 – 017. It is always interesting to see and hear what goes on in the literary world in all areas.

Remember to follow us at Instagram Forlaget_Klingbjerg or Facebook Sprog 

June 2022

A website is in constant need of surveillance. It struck me that I had to change the headlines into English, so that you would have a better idea of what we offer. I hope that you find our website easy to navigate in – if you have a comment do not hesitate to write me at

On May 20 we had a reception for Kirsten Wandahl and her new book, the easy-reader Tulo – et bedre liv. We heard what it takes to make a good easy-reader – the vocabulary must meet the official demands  and the plot should appeal to an adult – not a child. But an experienced teacher as Kirsten Wandahl knows how to do it. It was a nice get-together of people interested in teaching Danish as a second language.

We had a talk about how important it is to read extra material to boost one’s vocabulary. The official demands have been changed so you no longer have to read 3 books on your own before the exam – so a piece of good advice would be to find something you like to read about on your own. Look at our Culture section for inspiration.

We shall be open all summer –  do not hesitate to come along and be inspired – as always we shall try to help you the best we can!

May 2022

I can feel that we are slowly but surely getting back to our routines before Corona. Yesterday a group of students studying French in Folkeskolen visited our shop and hopefully got a little inspired by what we could tell them about learning languages.

On Friday May 20 we have a reception for Kirsten Wandahl and her new book  Tulo – Et nyt liv. An easy-reader at a good price!  If you teach Danish as a second language you are heartily invited to come for a drink and meet Kirsten – and get inspired by our stock – we try to have the latest material!

Another thing is that tourists are back in town! We have gifts to take back as a souvenir  from Denmark – be it books about Hygge in German, Englsih or French, How to Live in Denmark or How to Work in Denmark- or the Herrnhuter stars to lighten up your windows (well, really they are German – but we seem to have adopted them big time here in Denmark).

Remember our opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 to 5:30 p.m.

Thomas and Christa


April 2022

For some time we have thought of writing newsletters – but to begin with we shall start out with grooming our blog here…..

We have been busy in many ways during Corona (this website was a truly great help as many of you ordered here. Thank you very much!): some reorganization in the publishing world has taken up some working hours as well as a reorganiziation of our small shop and an implementation of a new system of our stock.

Furthermore  a new VAT system has been implemented for selling to people outside Denmark: if you order from the EU countries you only have to pay your local book-VAT. Always much lower than in Denmark! If you order from the rest of the world you do not pay our VAT (25%). Everything is done automatically when you order and write your address.

However, spring and thus new energy and back to a kind of normal makes me start on the blog again. Yesterday we sent a supply of second hand books to Floh at Sverigesvej 2 in Haderslev. Instead of being burned (!) we got hold of some. Lately we have also got some discarded dictionaries. We hope that people in and around Haderslev may find them useful. Of course you can still find them in Sankt Peders Stræde 51 in Copenhagen.

I hope I shall be back again soon with news from us – but write us if you have a problem we can help you with.

Christa and Thomas


Right now we are planning our participation at Bogforum November 5 -7 2021. We hope!

All measures will be taken to make it a safe and inspiring event – and for the moment this is the only light at the end of the often mentioned tunnel that we can see. We shall keep you informed about where you can find us in Hall C and the direct link should also keep you informed: Bogforum November 5-7 2021

Din Kurv

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